Jewelry Designer

I started my journey with paintbrushes and a canvas. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do, I had requests for illustrations and portraits, I needed to earn a living, it was pretty straightforward. But was it really what I was meant to do?
Thinking back, I always had a strong attraction for the old world and the mystique attached to ancient jewelry. I loved the mysterious powers of gods and goddesses and their influence on human lives.
I started to look for tutorials on the internet and for old manuscripts talking about silversmithing techniques of centuries past.I worked tiredlessly. I learned lampworking, micromosaïc, cloisonné enamel and russian filigree. This is how I started to understand glass in all its forms. How can you not be mesmerized by the fluidity of molten glass or the beautiful clarity of polished glass? Or it's incredible malleability when you finally succeed in making it respond to your bidding? Glass is a great master. It's unforgiving, it teaches you patience, precision, it requires you to be present, to pay attention. I studied micromosaïc with wonderful Italian masters.
Filigree is another technique I learned from the Russian masters, researching old yellowed manuscripts. I guess I like to integrate parts of the past into everything I do. Like a tapestry where you would use old threads mixed with newer ones. It has continuity.
I love to do special requests, it triggers my imagination and I like to surpass expectations. So don't hesitate to ask!

Marielle Teasdale, jewelry designer
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